Celebrate the Spooky Season with our New Haunted Mansion-Inspired Wallpaper

Written by at October 16, 2017

I’m not a big fan of things ghoulish but something about the Haunted Mansion mesmerizes me. It might be the cast members’ accents with their elongated vowels. Maybe it is the “stretching” room with its hilariously scary portraits. Or, my favorite, the dancing ghosts in the dining room

Celebrate the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival With Our Latest Wallpaper

Written by at October 11, 2017

We take dim sum to a global level at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. You can choose from 105 food options and 137 types of drinks! Designer, Jeff Maurer, created a special wall paper in honor of the festivities. Grab your forks and let’s go!

Celebrate Epcot’s 35th Anniversary With This New Wallpaper

Written by at September 26, 2017

I’m a details girl. I find that you get a more thorough story when you know the specifics of things. As we commemorate the 35th anniversary of Epcot we would like to share some details of this awesome theme park with you. The tank of water in The Seas with Nemo & Friends is so […

Celebrate ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ with our Latest Wallpaper

Written by at September 19, 2017

Ahoy, me hearties! Shiver me timbers, it’s one of me favorite days of the year – Talk Like a Pirate’s day. All hands hoay! Now, you’ll need to give the ol’ heave ho and put your backs into it! Savvy? Let me hear you yell “Arrrrrr!”

Celebrate Splash Mountain’s 25th Anniversary With Our Latest Wallpaper

Written by at July 17, 2017

Nothing gives me more joy that dropping from tall heights at fast speeds. It’s the reason I love Splash Mountain. Last week I convinced my daughter, Raven, to experience the thrill with me. She is now a newly transformed adrenaline addict like her mom

Celebrate Father’s Day With Our Latest Disney Parks Blog Wallpaper

Written by at June 17, 2017

My daughter, Raven, says that her dad is like King Triton – just the right mix of ‘nice and cuddly’ and ‘strict patrol person.’ I think the true comparison is how much these fathers love their daughters

Disney Parks DIY: Sweet and Savory Snacks for Father’s Day

Written by at June 16, 2017

I have a wonderful father and, quite honestly, I don’t tell him that often enough. When I was a little girl it was actually my dad that stayed home with us kids. He gave us pizza for breakfast…allowed us to wear shorts during winter…often forgot to brush our hair…it was truly a blast growing up and I love him for every minute of it

Celebrate Mother’s Day With Our Latest Disney Parks Blog Wallpaper

Written by at May 13, 2017

Mother, mommy, mum, master of all things…a mom can go by many names. Raven, my daughter, always calls me Momma and my heart sings when I hear it. My sweet mom is not with me any longer, but our three generations are linked by one simple thing – a mother’s love

Disney DIY: Create Your Own Topiary Inspired By The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Written by at May 8, 2017

I have the opposite of a “green” thumb. Plants see me and immediately wither. The amazing Disney Horticulture team could teach me a thing or two! Their gorgeous topiaries and flower displays at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival put my little bed of greens to shame

Download Our Disney Parks Blog ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ Wallpaper

Written by at April 13, 2017

I love Easter. Growing up, my family always had such a big celebration. One tradition that I’ve continued with my daughter, Raven, is an Easter egg hunt. Last year we topped the number of eggs at 102! Our fabulous, Brittany Ungvarsky, created an “eggtastic” hunt for you, our Blog family! She hid a total of 13 beautiful eggs